Vielkind Raisin Brownies

After "overwhelming demand" from the Day 21/22's post, I passed along the requests to my mother for her brownie recipe.  Her response is below.
I love that "Brownies are an iterative process."

This recipe is intended for anyone willing to take the easy route:
1.  Buy a box of Brownie mix (any brand you like or think you'll like because it looks appealing on the box).
2.  Follow the directions regarding additional ingredients (water? oil? eggs?) and mix well.
3.  Add broken/chopped walnuts AND  handfuls of raisins and stir again to incorporate them.  This step COULD BE iterative, depending on the baker.
4.  Bake according to package directions, but remember to test before totally removing the pan from the oven.
5.  ENJOY and accept the fact that brownies need both walnuts and raisins to satisfy one particular Robowrangler mentor and blogger.  
6.  Convert -- this is NOT the dark side; the force will be with you.

For those of you who would NEVER purchase a boxed brownie mix, use your own homemade recipe and add walnuts and raisins (step 3 above).

Love to all -- I'll be cheering you on from upstate New York!
-Paula Vielkind
Proud Mom and Team 148 Fan