2018 Championship: Operation Blackout

The Robowranglers from Greenville, TX and the Robonauts from League City, TX have a storied history. The relationship between our two teams is... complicated.

They are some of our closest friends, and fiercest opponents. Each team has adopted former students from the other as mentors. We've traveled together. We've played together. We've fought each other. What is the defining archetype of our relationship?

The Prank War.

From the Beginning

The prank war has been on-going for years. It pre-dates my involvement in the team. It may pre-date time itself. There are students fighting this war who don't have any idea how it began, or why.
All they know is the war.
"We must prank the Robonauts... it is known... we prank them as our forefathers did before us. It is known."

This historical record is not written. It is murky. We rely on snippets from the past to show us our origins, to help us understand our place in the chronicle. To help us write our chapters...

Many of the stories have been lost, others are only whispered about...

The "your robot seemed like it was missing something" intake from 2009.

The "your robot seemed like it was missing something" intake from 2009.

The Intake's "Golden" Return

The (not funny to Bill Miller) "Coopertition Award" and then the infamous "Operation Playhouse" - which hit so hard the war stopped for 2 years.

The "Full Court Shooter Hat" from Lonestar 2013

The "Full Court Shooter Hat" from Lonestar 2013

www.arethemoustachesoutyet.com - Championship 2013

"In Case of Space Cowboys - Break Glass" - Denver 2018

A New Chapter

At the 2018 World Championship in Houston, we had a very popular pit display. Our favorite "millennial" puppy was riding one of our spare elevators up and down while interested visitors checked it out.

Oilite (the dog) says "This is Fine" as he rides up-and-down thousands and thousands of times.
(No really... this is a relatively light crowd.)

You can imagine our distress when someone on the pit crew looked up and... "WHAT? Oilite is gone!"

"No!  Someone took our puppy? What kind of monsters would do that?"

What kind of monsters would do that... indeed.

Thankfully, we had a good idea of where to look for our missing puppy. Of course... we also had a little something special planned for just such an occasion.

Operation Blackout

Those Robonauts build some amazing robots. Here in the House of Black, we're always in awe of their machines. Some of them are practically perfect. That is... almost... perfect.

There is really no accounting for taste, in some regards. Thankfully - we're good friends, and we're always willing to lend a hand to a younger inexperienced team like 118 that needs some mentorship.

We took the "we walk in the pits" advice very literally on Thursday evening. A handful of our students were moseying out of the venue very, veeeeeeeery slowly. It turns out the 118 folks are incredibly prompt, and left their pit right on time, no doubt eager to rest up for the final day of qualification matches.

So, our slow-poke-wranglers had a wonderful opportunity to make some robot upgrades!

We even gift-wrapped it for them!

Put yourself in their shoes. You're tired. "These championship mornings get earlier and earlier. Are we really here at 7AM today? I just want to get me a cup of coffee and get to work."

You walk into your pit. Something... seems... different.

Oh no. It's a black drape.

Look how happy they are! Finally, the robot is perfect. Just needed one small change!

148 <3 118

Your. Move.

Our blackest robot yet. This is fine. #TeamIFI

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